“Australian Experience Internship”


Any Internship program is an opportunity for international interns who are seeking “hands on” work experience in the real work environment closely linked to their studies.

The Internship Program helps you bridge the gap between your academic study and your planned professional employment. The placement will be at an Australian Host Company taking into consideration your career goals, specific area of expertise, relevant experience, learning objectives, training needs and location.

12-week Professional Internship

  • Participants will gain valuable Internship - work experience through an industry placement in a relevant industry
  • The internship program is an unpaid 12 weeks’ placement to allow students to get a look and feel of working in a live environment
  • The aim of the program is to prepare recent graduates with the professional skills required for a career in Australia. It does not guarantee employment.
  • It will improve the graduates’ employability skills and employment potential in the local market
  • Make your mark in the Australian workplace with real business experience in an Australian environment and refine your workplace communication skills
  • It will develop the confidence to sell yourself to employers and explore your future career path
  • It will give you recent work referencesM

Internships provided in the following industries

  • Accounting, Auditing, Administration, MYOB
  • Technology – Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Networking, Web
  • Engineering – Building, Civil, Maintenance, Mechanical. Electronics, Electrical
  • Hospitality – Customer Service, Leadership, Management
  • Sales and Marketing – Call centre, door to door, events
  • Management and Leadership
  • Administration

Our internship programs help students successfully bridge the gap from study to professional employment. The internship programs not only support students in gaining relevant professional experience, they also provide a personalised learning and development plan through a formal Training Agreement and Evaluation Process

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