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Advances in the growing global markets in business, management technology are transforming just about every part of our lives, from the way we work to the way we manage, communicate and access services. Staff training is critical for all industries to deliver new sources of growth, maintain delivery, high-wage jobs and seize the next wave of economic prosperity.

Innovation is about new and existing businesses having staff who can create new products, processes and business models for their business growth. Innovation is important to every sector of the economy – from ICT to healthcare, education to agriculture, and defence to transport. It is now a need in every possible industry ranging from Hospitality, Consulting, Education, Manufacturing, Management, Recruitment and includes a wide range of industries

Whether you are seeking to update or upgrade your skills or you are seeking a new career direction, our team of friendly and dedicated staff is available to make your learning experience unique. GBTS has partnered with reputed colleges across Melbourne and we aim to provide you with the best facilities, trainers and support services to ensure that your learning experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

Small and Medium business owners are often challenged by the industry to handle multiple tasks and wear too many hats. Let GBTS handle all your business training needs so you can focus on what you need to do and you are extremely good at - running your business. We can provide and design Cost effective and flexible training solutions for you and your staff fitting a range of industries.

Training for your staff can be conducted at your own business premises or with any of our reputed partners across Melbourne covering a wide range of courses in business, management, leadership, accounting, technology, hospitality, communications, trades and a never ending list. We can create training plans for individual businesses to suit your own pace and industry